“Colán & Máire”

“Do you suppose once Muad and Faolan are wed we shall be like brother and sister?”

Colán looked at her seductively. “I believe I am beyond thinking of you as a sister.”

Máire looked up into his mossy, green eyes—his eyes smoldered, completely taking her breath away. She bit her lip and lowered her gaze. “What do you mean?”

“I think of my cousin Clíodhna as a sister. I certainly do not think of her as I think of you.” He leaned toward her and gently kissed her forehead.

“Colán & Máire”

(told in third person omniscient, hearing Colán’s & Máire’s thoughts)
Prince Colán of Galway is a fearless leader of men who considers women a distraction. Princess Máire of Donegal is naïve yet clever, and somewhat fearless herself. Each time they meet they are further intrigued, and passion kindles. When Prince Colán asks for Princess Máire’s hand in marriage they learn Princess Máire has been promised to Prince Colán’s eldest brother, Prince Faolan. Prince Colán offers himself to complete the marriage contract, but Prince Faolan is determined to wed Princess Máire. Desperate to marry each other, Prince Colán and Princess Máire elope to Sligo, but neither thinks beyond their wedding day. Princess Máire discovers sex and Prince Colán discovers the joy of sex with someone he loves. Bound by custom and class Princess Máire soon has nothing to do and Prince Colán has nowhere except his pavilion to keep her.

A story for anyone who believes in the power of true love.